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will b is an accomplished singer, songwriter and actor based in Los Angeles. With over one million people having seen him perform live, will has captivated audiences across the country, including opening for Jojo Siwa on her tour. He's collaborated with top artists such as Noah Cyrus, Lea Michele, Becky G and John Legend, and has acted in numerous movies and commercials for major brands like Sony and Netflix. will has also become a model for New Era, the largest hat company in the world. Having been inspired by icons like Halsey and Stevie Nicks, will's alternative music style incorporates elements of rock and pop. He has a passion for songwriting and wrote his latest EP, "existing beyond me," entirely on his own. The EP boasts four songs that cover everything from pop to rock to a heart-warming ballad. Beyond his impressive artistic career, will is also an animal rights activist and an active supporter of various charitable organizations. Working with the talented producer Josh Connelly, introducing will b’s debut EP “existing beyond me”. 

will b used his performance and public speaking skills to speak out and spread the anti-bullying message. The 13-year-old actor and singer worked with both local and national radio shows to spread the word about bullying and several other issues. Eventually, he had his own radio show, “Will B World” for a few months.

“It had an anti-bullying message, but I didn’t want to limit it to that,” will b said. “I want to support other causes, like people with breast cancer. I want to help anyone who is raising funds for a good cause.”

Andrew Taylor, Review Journal 2016


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